Trade logistics and supply chain impediments in Pakistan

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As the world manufacturing business is thriving, the role of supply chain is ever growing immensely. Nowadays supply chain management is proving to be one of the biggest competitive factors after technology integration.

Logistics is one of the dynamic aspects of the supply chain. It accounts for the effective utilization of transportation facilities to aid supply chain management of the country’s trade. Various entities are used for transportation inPakistan’s logistic arena. This includes carts, loaders, trucks, trains, boats, ships.

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Plight of HR policy in textile industry

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Human factor is a vital element in manufacturing industry. It is one of the key dependent factors which drive the company’s business towards profitability and growth. Inorder to ensure the maximum output of the people involved in the business, companies formulate Human Resource (HR) Policies.

HR Policy includes innovative approaches to compensation, pay for performance, flextime, benefits, stock plans, legal compliance and training of company’s employees and related people.

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Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in textile companies of Pakistan

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The term ERP originally implied systems designed to plan the utilization of enterprise-wide resources. Although the acronym ERP originated in the manufacturing environment, today’s use of the term ERP systems has much broader scope. ERP systems typically attempt to cover all basic functions of an organization, regardless of the organization’s business or charter. Business, non-profit organizations, non governmental organizations, governments, and other large entities utilize ERP systems.


ERP systems aimed to manage efficiently all aspect of enterprise-wide data. Application of ERP systems are not only used in manufacturing industries but also services industries like banks financial institutions, hospitals, airlines etc.

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Supply Chain Management and Textile Industry of Pakistan

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In a world where there is no restriction on technology transfer, the area of logistics and supply chain management becomes the key competitive factor in global manufacturing business. The war to optimize the supply chain in enterprises is being fought nowadays between global companies and regions. New and latest technology gadgets are used for this purpose. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the coordinated set of techniques to plan and execute all steps in the global network used to acquire raw materials from vendors, transform them into finished goods, and deliver both goods and services to customers. It includes chain-wide information sharing, planning, resource synchronization and global performance measurements.  Continue Reading Supply Chain Management and Textile Industry of Pakistan…

Why Pakistan Lack Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship?

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Hi-tech entrepreneurial companies are those companies which are at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. These companies are started with very less capital and yields extremely high rate of returns. These are the companies which are driving the world economies at the fore ends. But unfortunately due to certain mentioned reasons,
Pakistan couldn’t start and breed such companies.
 IT industry is one of the examples of the hi-tech industry with high returns. Hi tech industry is developed by hi-tech entrepreneurs who are having vision on latest market trends and have knowledge on future upcoming technologies.  Continue Reading Why Pakistan Lack Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship?…

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