Why Pakistan Lack Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship?

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Hi-tech entrepreneurial companies are those companies which are at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. These companies are started with very less capital and yields extremely high rate of returns. These are the companies which are driving the world economies at the fore ends. But unfortunately due to certain mentioned reasons,
Pakistan couldn’t start and breed such companies.
 IT industry is one of the examples of the hi-tech industry with high returns. Hi tech industry is developed by hi-tech entrepreneurs who are having vision on latest market trends and have knowledge on future upcoming technologies.  Continue Reading Why Pakistan Lack Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship?…


The ‘Industrial R&D’ versus ‘R&D subsidy’ in textile sector

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Research and Development (R&D) is the main philosophy behind successful industries. From idea creation, developing product, marketing and enhancing operations, R&D plays important part in each steps. Without R&D the industry become stagnant and loose competitive advantage. That’s why it has become an important area of concern for developed countries. Despite they have high cost of industrial operations and manufacturing, but the industry is still thriving because of R&D culture.

  Continue Reading The ‘Industrial R&D’ versus ‘R&D subsidy’ in textile sector…

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