The ‘Industrial R&D’ versus ‘R&D subsidy’ in textile sector

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Research and Development (R&D) is the main philosophy behind successful industries. From idea creation, developing product, marketing and enhancing operations, R&D plays important part in each steps. Without R&D the industry become stagnant and loose competitive advantage. That’s why it has become an important area of concern for developed countries. Despite they have high cost of industrial operations and manufacturing, but the industry is still thriving because of R&D culture.

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From conventional textiles to technical textiles – the urgent need of the time

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Nowadays conventional textile has entered into a highly competitive market where high capital is required and returns are very less. Various factors are related to this issue. In conventional textile, the power in the value chain is shifted to buyer leaving the supplier with no or less powers. The supply market has become saturated. In this scenario, analyst Michael Porter assumes that such kind of business is not profitable and there should be a radical change in the technology (breakthrough technology).

Opportunity and bright prospects spawned to shift the technology of textiles from conventional to technical in the developed countries. Technical textile globally is $60 billion market. It is in its growth stage but the results are high profitability and high return on investment.

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